About Us

Excel Communiqué is a public relations company strongly believing in building healthy relationships among brands, media and target consumers. Our ultimate aim is to get the client ‘talked about’!

In a time when short-lived hype is the trend, our focus is strongly on charting a path for the client where the company, brand or product gets appropriate exposure and productive attention with a lasting impact. Maximising exposure across the media and positively affecting the target audience for the client puts us ahead of others. We work towards long-term recognition of our clients giving real value to our service and provide comprehensive growth & wider acknowledgement for all the stakeholders.

Launching a product or enhancing publicity, promoting a movie or highlighting a press conference we ensure the key message is accurately disseminated to the maximum possible target audience. Before each venture we equip ourselves with a focussed roadmap to capture the audience imagination and be more result oriented.

We undertake extensive industry research, provide media solution and enhance media relation for our clients.